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Are you ready to find out about the benefits of having therapy? 

Whether you are experiencing an emotional distress or would like to develop self-knowledge, therapy can help you.

"Stand up straight and realise who you are, that you tower over your circumstances."

                                                                 -  Maya Angelou





Here are some examples on how therapy can support you in your journey.

You are experiencing stress, anxiety, mood swings and other forms of emotional distress. 

You've experienced trauma.

You are struggling to regulate your emotions. 

You are grieving.

You want to reconnect to your wholeness.  


You are struggling to build and maintain relationships. 


You are suffering from physical health problems.

 Therapy with me

As a humanistic integrative counsellor, I believe that you are the expert of your own life and we will work together so that you can reach your full potential and develop self-acceptance. Apart from talk therapy, I like to use an approach that connects the body & mind that considers your physical, spiritual and social-cultural layers in therapy.

I specialise in trauma and believe that in order to heal, a key element is to be more compassionate towards ourselves. So I bring compassion focused therapy techniques (see my blog for more information) to our sessions so you can feel safe to unpack feelings of shame, guilt and self-criticism.

I am particularly interested in how physical health and mental health are connected, and can emerge from trauma and stress situations.  I can use a wide range of integrative techniques such as therapeutic writing, psycho-education, emotional freedom technique, body-mind exercises and breath-work - it will all depend on what you feel comfortable with. 

I also have knowledge and experience in working with​:


Burnout syndrome

Vicarious Trauma





Intergenerational Trauma

Women's Health

Loss & grief

Relationship issues


Cultural issues

Inner child 

Inner critic


Overall, my work is a synergy of everything I have learned and experienced during my life. It is an alchemy between knowledge obtained and practiced with the purest creative essence of my being.

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