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The power of Lua Serena

Lua Serena, which means Serene Moon in Portuguese, was a wise woman who I met in the most important moment in my life when I lived in Brazil. She carried the strength of the wisdom of herbs, natural cycles and feminine energy. She was a woman who stepped lightly but firmly in the direction she wished. She was a warrior but her greatest strength was internal. She had brought the perfect balance of the intuitive force of the moon with the greatness and power of action of the Sun.

Between one tea and another in her tent, Lua Serena told me how much we women often abandon our cyclical nature, our inner power of nourishment, tenderness, patience and compassion when immersed in a patriarchal society, affected by social, cultural and parental factors. And that, unfortunately, was reflected in the way we related to ourselves, the world and our body. 

Lua Serena taught me about the beauty of being vulnerable, the healing of ancestry, self-love and self-knowledge to counter the extreme perfectionism, self-criticism, anxiety and the way they manifest in our body & mind. 

The counselling sessions that I offer in this project are inspired by my own healing journey and my educational background and work experience. Over the past 10 years, I have worked with multiple women from different backgrounds. I have worked in person and online in Brazil and in the UK.  They were women with different stories, dreams and childhoods - but all of them shared the same purpose; to heal themselves. 

"The heart of woman is deeper than the deepest sea in the world"

Breton proverb from Ile de Batz


Who can benefit from Lua Serena counselling ?


Women who would like to connect more with their feminine side and sexuality.

Women who consider themselves as warriors and are exhausted and feeling the need to embrace and reframe their relationship with productivity.

Women who would like to reframe their relationship with their ancestors.

Women who feel toxic perfectionism, anxiety, self-criticism and self-judgment and who would like to be more compassionate to themselves.

 Women diagnosed with exclusive female diseases such as endometriosis, fibroids, STDs and PCOS.

Women who have suffered from trauma and feel that the experience is impacting their life and manifesting directly in the body and relationships.


Lua Serena is more than traditional counselling, it is the heart and soul of an integrative healing project for adult and elderly women.


What are the sessions like?

The proposal of project Lua Serena is fully integrative, focused on your individual need and what you want from the therapy. We will work in a unique, compassionate and creative way on the worries you seek to resolve.


Therapy sessions are held holistically, where social, cultural, spiritual, physical and emotional concerns are viewed in an integrated manner as they are essential to your healing process.


When a woman is imbalanced, it is important to promote a safe space for healing to allow nourishment and compassion to flow. I use techniques including, but not limited to:


Talk therapy  - We will explore your thoughts, emotions and feelings and how to deal with any unhealthy patterns.

Body & mind techniques - I particularly like working with somatic techniques that regulate the connection between your emotional and physical layers to manage stress and pain.

Compassion focused therapy - Here we will work on your relationship with yourself if you are living with self criticism, guilt and shame. The aim being for you to feel safe and more comfortable in your interactions with yourself and others.

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